What is the property price in Saint-Tropez in 2023?

Property prices in Saint Tropez 2023

What is the property price in Saint-Tropez in 2023?

Property in Saint-Tropez, the famous seaside destination on the Côte d'Azur, has always been a dynamic and attractive market. In 2023, the town will see a significant rise in property prices, the result of sustained demand and limited supply in this region popular with investors and luxury buyers. The SGI agency takes a closer look at current property prices in the Tropez area.

House price trends in Saint-Tropez

In 2023, the market for houses in Saint-Tropez will see a significant increase in prices. Demand for spacious properties with private gardens and panoramic sea views remains high. Luxury homes located close to popular beaches, high-end restaurants and luxury boutiques are particularly sought-after. On average, you will need to spend €19,475 per m² to buy a house in Saint-Tropez... This represents an increase of around 15% on the previous year. Of course, this is only an average. The average price per m² for a luxury villa will be around €34,000, while for a maisonette it will be around €10,100.

National and international investors continue to flock to this dream destination, fuelling demand for exclusive, well-located properties. However, this high demand has led to a relative shortage of luxury homes on the market, which has contributed to the rising price of a property in the area.

Evolution of the price of a flat in Saint-Tropez

Like the house market, the flat sector in Saint-Tropez will also see an increase in prices in 2023. Flats with uninterrupted sea views and close proximity to amenities and beaches are the most sought-after. Wealthy buyers looking for second homes or high-end rental investments are attracted by the town's Mediterranean charm.

The trend in flat prices shows an increase of around 12% on the previous year. On average, you should expect to pay €11,196 per m² for a flat. Of course, some properties can be negotiated for as little as €5,800 for the least expensive, or almost €20,000 for a luxury flat.

Certain factors, such as the neighbourhood, size, views and proximity to amenities, will lead to significant variations in flat prices in Saint-Tropez.

Property prices by district

The neighbourhoods of Saint-Tropez vary considerably in terms of property prices. The most sought-after areas, such as the Citadelle district with its historic charm and the neighbouring Tahiti and Sainte-Anne districts, where beaches are close by, have the highest prices. Prices in these exclusive areas rose by more than 20% in 2023.

On the other hand, neighbourhoods that are slightly further from the city centre or the beaches, although still attractive, are relatively more affordable. This is true of the Salins and Caponade districts, where prices have risen by around 10%.

What is the likely trend in the Saint-Tropez property market?

In the light of the trends observed in 2023, it is likely that the property market in Saint-Tropez will continue to prosper. Sustained demand from national and international buyers for property in this prestigious destination will keep up the pressure on prices.

However, it should be noted that local authorities and residents are increasingly concerned about the impact of these rising prices on local life and the scarcity of affordable housing for residents. In order to preserve the identity and balance of the town, regulatory measures could be put in place to limit property speculation.

In 2023, the property market in Saint-Tropez will show an upward trend for houses and flats, with prices increasing by around 15% and 12% respectively. The most prestigious districts will see their prices reach new heights, while some areas slightly further from the town centre will remain more affordable. The future of the property market in Saint-Tropez will largely depend on the ability of the local authorities to manage the growing demand while preserving the harmony of this dream destination. If you are still interested in buying a property in our beautiful town of Saint Tropez, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in your search. Our experience and professionalism are a plus in this property market, where finding a property can be complicated.


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