"Agency fees can be borne by the seller or the buyer. It is generally considered that it is the seller who systematically pays the agency fees when a property is sold through him. However, it is There is no rule imposed, as in the case of notary fees.While these are systematically borne by the purchaser, agency fees can be paid by one or the other. It all depends on what the real estate agent and the seller have agreed in the sales mandate, since the seller has two choices: Take the agency fees at his expense Put these agency fees at the expense of the buyer If the agency fees are displayed at the seller's expense, the sale price displayed will be the addition of the value of the property and the amount of the agency fees, i.e. a sale price of €315,000. agency fees are displayed at the expense of the purchaser, the real estate agent will specify that the price of €315,000 is made up of the value of the property p or €300,000, and the amount of his commission for €15,000. On the other hand, in the case where the seller provides that the agency fees will be borne by the buyer, this implies that the real estate agent, when he publishes an advertisement, must display the details of the prices and indicate the amount of his committee. In reality, it is always the buyer who pays the agency fees. Whether the agency fees are displayed at the seller's or the buyer's expense, in practice, it is systematically the buyer who pays them, for a simple reason: the final sale price will be the even for him, in one case as in the other. Take the example of a seller who puts up for sale a property whose value is €300,000, and that the agency fees are €15,000. There are then two scenarios: In both cases, the buyer will indeed have to pay the sum of €315,000, and it is therefore systematically he who pays the agency fees."


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